Israel Tours 2020 - 'Walking in His Footsteps'

Mark & Heidi would love to host you on an unforgettable ten day tour of the holy land, ‘Walking in His Footsteps’ – Israel Tour 2020.

We are offering two trips in 2020
TOUR 1:  March 3 – 12
TOUR 2:  November 10 -19

In Israel the Bible literally comes to life and Jesus leaps off the pages and into your heart. After our visit to Israel, we came back saying “Israel put the bricks and mortar around the framework of our theology.” Before going to Israel, we read our Bible regularly both devotionally and doctrinally for ministry purposes. But in Israel, we began to study the Bible as a history book — an extremely accurate one backed by archaeological finds. We read the Bible, not just for spiritual meaning, but tracing the stories on maps and visiting the archaeological remains of many of the cities. The Bible became so real that it literally stood up and took on a third dimension as an accurate, historical account from which we learn many spiritual lessons.

A testimonial from our recent tour to Israel, “God did something in my own heart in Israel, and it was such a pleasure to get to know everyone on our tour….’, ‘……thank you to you both for the wonderful pilgrimage you took us on. Now I look back at photos and relate to people all that I saw and did. It certainly opened up the bible for me as  well as the history side of Israel.”

Come and walk where Jesus walked, where the Word of God unfolds in the landscape before you & where lifetime memories and special blessings will be yours to spiritually receive and personally encounter!

For more information and to reserve your seat for a ‘Walking in His Footsteps’- Israel Tour 2020, please complete the details in the form below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. (Also feel free to check out

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